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Património Cultural

Listing and Inventorying Movable Heritage

According to Cultural Heritage Law no. 107/2001 of 8 September, the legal protection of movable cultural assets lies on their classification and inventory. Classification or listing means that a certain asset possesses an inestimable cultural value. Cultural assets may be classified as bearing national interest or being a “national treasure”, public interest or municipal interest.  The application for listing or inventorying an asset may be submitted by any public or private entity.

As part of a team set up for this purpose, the DGPC is currently carrying out a comprehensive and systematic study of more than 2,200 legal protection procedures for movable cultural assets implemented since the beginning of the 20th century until the entry into force of the current Cultural Heritage Law. The main objective is to make this information publicly available, thus complying with the provisions of clause 5b) of Art. 2, of Ordinance 263/2019 of 26 August.

National Cultural Heritage. Classified, Inventoried and Registered Movable Cultural Assets