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Património Cultural


The LJF is responsible for promoting academic and professional internships, as well as supporting research projects in the different areas of conservation-restoration of movable and integrated cultural assets.

The LJF offers internships in the following areas:

·                Sculpture

·                Metal

·                Furniture

·                Paper

·                Painting

·                Mural painting

·                Carved wood

·                Textiles

·                Analytic laboratory

·                Photographic laboratory

Liaison between the various departments of the DGPC allows the trainee to get acquainted with a wide range of intervention projects and technical and scientific research, as well as to have access to the Central Library and the Technical Archive of Conservation and Restoration. These are privileged sources of research and study in the areas of conservation-restoration, artistic techniques, conservation sciences and history of conservation-restoration in Portugal. Cooperation protocols with various higher education and other institutions reinforce this interdisciplinarity by providing access to other areas of research and to a wide-ranging debate on the work carried out in the LJF.

Purpose of internships

The internship consists of specialised learning, guided by a tutor with professional experience, within a specific period of time, and having the following objectives: to provide scientific, technical and practical training; develop team spirit and critical thinking; and make appropriate use of available resources to carry out the work.