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Património Cultural

Concursos 09/06/2019

Open Call for Coastal Cultural Heritage and Arts under the Culture Programme

Open Call to applications for: “Local development through the Safeguarding and Revitalization of Coastal Cultural Heritage” and “Connecting Dots – Arts Mobility and Audience Development”.

The Culture Programme financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area EEA Grants 2014 -2021aims the strengthening of cultural cooperation in Portugal, in particular to support projects that promote social and economic development through cultural cooperation, entrepreneurship and heritage management.

To accomplish this objective, the programme focus in two main areas:

In the area of Coastal Cultural Heritage managed by Directorate General for Cultural Heritage (Programme Operator), with a total amount available of €4.397.809, to support projects that contribute to the conservation, safeguarding and rehabilitation of coastal cultural heritage listed, or in the process of being listed, aiming it’s revitalization towards the sustainable development of local communities.

Eligible applicants: entities, public or private, commercial or non-commercial and non-governmental organizations, established as a legal person in Portugal, as well as natural persons who are legal residents in Portugal.

In the area of Arts managed by Directorate General for Arts (Programme Partner), with a total amount available of €3.273.000, to support projects that contribute to the strengthening of arts provision, access and participation in low-density territories in the Mainland Portugal and in the Azores and Madeira Islands.

Eligible applicants:private entities established as a legal person (natural persons are not eligible) in Portugal that develops professional activity mainly in the cultural and artistic sectors as defined in the Decree-law n.º 103/2017, 24.08, that regulates the DGARTES public funding for the Arts.

The Culture Programme has as Donor Programme Partner(s), the Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RA) and the Arts Council Norway.

Access the Open Call’s here.