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Movies Até 30 de setembro

HERITALES 2020, the festival that offers films about heritage

Ethnologists, filmmakers, directors and anthropologists reveal cultural secrets about usually forgotten worlds. These present a deep knowledge about various heritages of material and immaterial nature. They show us hidden parts of distant cultures; with visual anthropology they offer a raw picture of reality; with animation they make you dream by transmitting imagined realities; through utopian documentary, they rescue indigenous cultures of resistance, to perpetuate ancestral sustainable ways of life and traditions.

Among the 45 selected from the HERITALES festival are authors from 24 countries from all continents. They represent diverse communities around the world, from Tibetan women to the Mayan Indians of Chiapas, including peasants in Vietnam and the Kullu forest in India. In a maze of cultural heritage, it includes a nomadic community from Rajasthan, refugee lives in Athens, stories of emigrants like the Arabs from Zanzibar or the Nakba from the so-called Brazilian Palestine.

Fabulous legends and myths like that of Tsu in Taiwan or traditional Chinese stories told with shadow puppets.

All of these realities can be seen online thanks to the HERITALES project, which adapts to the times by virtually organizing this international festival based in Alentejo, Portugal. From July 20 to September 30, forty-one films are available for free (between short and feature films including animated films), at:

In this way, the HERITALES festival opens a window of connection between cultures in any part of the world, spreading less known heritage in order to promote its durability. It seeks to reflect the importance of education in the survival of communities. Through images it shows sustainable life forms so that it is clear that there are many other ways to live in harmony with the planet. Thus, since 2016 the HERITALES project has followed the fundamental principles of UNESCO, seeking to open borders that bring people together on a journey that begins on its website:

For people who like cinema by independent authors, and are fascinated by knowing different cultures, they can access these worlds through the HERITALES platform: To view the films and vote for your favourites, you must register on the

platform. If you find our cultural project interesting, we appreciate that you share it as much as possible. We thanks already for the interest in spreading the voice of the diverse heritage of the world. Information and knowledge are essential in protecting these cultures. See the web page for other ways to support this cultural heritage project.

Heritales. Com o apoio da DGPC

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